Saturday, June 20, 2009

Carlos Tevez leaves Manchester United

Carlos Tevez, who was on loan at Manchester United has decided to leave Old Trafford. This announcement came from the official website of the Champions. After two hugely successful seasons, Carlos Tevez has decided to leave. It is a huge blow for the Red Devils who have already lost Cristiano Ronaldo to Realmadrid. This decision comes as a little surprise to everyone as Carlos had stated that remaining at United was his first priority. And having already confirmed that he wont be joining Liverpool, Tevez is likely to move to Chelsea or to the cross town rivals Manchester City. Now Sir Alex Ferguson has no other go but to dip into the transfer market and land a striker. Tevez became the second choice striker after the signing of Berbatov last season. And he did not start as many matches as he would have liked to but with Ronaldo's departure the chances of Tevez playing a lead role in the United side increased and the club also had offered him a 5 year contract. But Tevez chose to part ways. I'm not hugely disappointed but somewhat as Carlitos scored so many vital goals that won games for United but they club have only themselves to blame as they could have signed him a lot earlier. Thank you Carlos....

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