Monday, May 23, 2011

Ronaldo to return to Manchester?

Manchester City have been making some fairly logical statements recently about the need to invest sensibly this summer rather than launch audacious bids for Europe's top stars ahead of next season's involvement in the Champions League. For some cynics, it all sounded a bit too good to be true in light of City's spending activity over the past two years, and it would seem that the suggestions of sensible spending emerging from the blue side of Manchester were, after all, hot air.

With sources close to Cristiano Ronaldo revealing that City are preparing to launch a ridiculous bid for the Real Madrid man, it seems likely that, despite the Sky Blues' denials, there is rarely smoke without fire when it comes to this sort of transfer rumour. Rumours report that the bid, if plans really are in the pipeline, may be as high as £150 million, an unthinkable sum of money, even for a player of Ronaldo's skill and experience. Those placing a football online bet certainly wouldn't expect that sort of money to be paid for him.

Should City decide to let go of such an outrageous amount of money at a time during which UEFA is taking a close interest in the finances of major clubs around the continent, the question remains as to whether or not a man who spent six seasons at Old Trafford would switch to their bitter city rivals. United fans would surely believe Ronaldo would turn his nose up at the chance to play for the Sky Blues, but with Ronaldo a man more known for his interest in his public image and his bank account than for his loyalty, Premier League fans could yet be in for a shock, if not this season then maybe next. And who knows? Maybe City could be welcoming Ronaldo as Premier League champions next summer.

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