Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Emmanuel Adebayor: Where Does His Future Lie?

Adebayor’s favour in the first team at Manchester City has been in doubt for a while now with competition being high for the position of striker.

Last season saw Adebayor make a loan move to Spanish giants Real Madrid. He succeeded in adding five goals in 14 appearances, with some impressive performances to boot.

As of recently, though, Emmanuel Adebayor’s future has been cast in uncertainty as to whether or not he will remain at the City of Manchester Stadium. Real Madrid are one of two keen clubs interested in adding the powerful Togo international to their side.

Another club that is supposedly interested is the London club Tottenham. During the preceding Champions League, Adebayor managed to bag two goals against Spurs, so it’s no wonder Harry Redknapp, the Tottenham manager, wants to make the goal-hungry striker part of his team.

City bought Adebayor from Arsenal for a fee thought to be around the region of £25 million, which to me is overvaluing the talents of Adebayor.

We all know that he is a great player, but his price tag most certainly does not reflect his corresponding ability. Contrary to the previous point, Man City were building a team at a fast rate and wanted to ensure the construction of a world-class team in a short period of time. This particular snippet of information didn’t work in Adebayor’s favour, as his squad status changed from being a regular first team player into a bench warmer.

Come the end of the transfer window I’m quite sure that Emmanuel Adebayor will not remain at City. The favourites to claim his signature are the likes of Real Madrid, and closely following Madrid is Tottenham Hotspurs. It would be nice to watch Adebayor in English football for another season, but I can’t say that I’ll miss him too greatly as there are players in the Premier League with plenty more expertise than that of Adebayor.

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