Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eskimos faces strike action

The Edmonton Eskimos say they will go ahead with plans to travel to Vancouver to face the B.C. Lions this weekend for their Canadian Football clash, despite the threat of a labour strike in British Columbia.

The employees at the Lions home stadium, the B.C. Place are on the verge of going on strike following an 89% vote in favour of protesting after talks between the union and the B.C. Pavilion Corporation, who own the stadium broke down over contract renewals.
The employees have the legal right to go on strike at any time during the next 90 days, as long as they give 72 hours notice. Those looking for NHL betting tips should remember this.

This means Saturday's West Division top of the table battle between the Eskimos and the Lions could be cancelled. It's been suggested that the fixture should be switched back to Edmonton but Eskimos vice-president Dave Jamieson says no contingency plans had been put in place and that he hoped the game would go ahead.

"We're planning as if we're flying on Friday at noon and then flying to Vancouver to play a game on Saturday night. That's the only thing we know right now" he told reporters. "We're staying in touch with the Lions and the CFL and we're proceeding as if we're playing'.

The Eskimos go into the game knowing they have to win by at least 29 points if they're to topple their opponents at the top of the standings. Head coach Kavis Reed says whatever happens; his side will be fully focused on the match and won't be getting distracted by the possibility of a strike. People looking at the NHL picks need to bear this in mind.

"It shouldn't be a distraction because we have no control over it" he said. "we have to make certain we're focussed on the football game".

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