Monday, October 29, 2012

Broad - We Should all Take the Blame

England pace bowler, Stuart Broad, believes that “both parties can hold their hands up” and take some responsibility for the Kevin Pietersen saga that has dogged English cricket and annoyed England betting fans over the past few months

Pietersen was excluded from all England squads following text messages sent to South Africa players in August; they were believed to have criticised England players and management.

The incident in isolation is bad enough, but the reality is that relationships between Pietersen, the ECB, and has teammates have been deteriorating for some time.

KP is frustrated at the ECB’s reluctance to embrace T20 cricket, namely the IPL, and feels it is restricting his ability to play T20 cricket across the globe.

The England players, meanwhile, have grown tired of KP’s posturing. They feel that his precious ego is only having a negative effect on morale and results.

In truth, everyone was in the wrong to a certain degree, something Broad, who was forced to captain the England T20 side at the World Cup without star player, Pietersen, acknowledges.

With Pietersen back in the squad following several rounds of high profile talks, Broad accepts that the saga could have been avoided had communication been better over the preceding months.

“Maybe that could have been avoided,” said Broad. “Maybe the team could have looked after KP better in certain aspects and given him some support he wanted in that battle. Both parties can hold their hands up.

“It was obviously right for KP to come back. By all accounts he is desperate to play for England and we know when he’s desperate to play he’s very dangerous. If he’s back in that place, which he is, he’ll score runs and help us win matches.”

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