Friday, June 24, 2011

Cake Mania 2

Cake Mania 2 allows you to enter the fantasy world of controlling a small bakery store with the aim of serving customers correctly and as quickly as possible.
Like any business, you need to put the effort into efficient and accurate service to keep your customers happy.

All the customers enter your bakery happy; this is represented by four hearts. The aim is to keep the hearts remaining by not upsetting them and if possible increase their number of hearts.

The first task is very simply, give them a menu and they will go up to five hearts. But if you keep them waiting too long for their order, you will find they will soon become upset and the hearts begin to disappear.

The cakes that are made in bakery differ from shape, colour and size. They all have to be made to the customer's exact order and fans of Cake Mania online will know how hard this can be.

Your character, Jill, always needs to be active in the game as queues will soon gather and workload will add up. Those looking for freegames should really enjoy it.

Jill will have to go through the steps of cooking the cake in the oven, then making sure it is frosted before finally decorating the cake, if required.

Points are gained in this game for delivering the correct cake to their customer. There is also a tip available if it reaches them in quick timing. 30 points are given for a frosted cake and 40 points for decorated ones.

Avoid baking the wrong cakes because points are lost if you have to throw them away or give the customer the wrong order.

Cake Mania 2 is a fun game for all ages and can provide you the fantasy of owning your own business.

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