Monday, June 27, 2011

Tevez 'Too Expensive' for Milan

Inter Milan has poured cold water on rumours linking the team with Manchester City forward, Carlos Tevez.

Marco Branca, former Inter and Middlesbrough player, and current head of the Italian club's technical team, said “absolutely no” to reports that Milan were lining up an offer for the Argentine. “His salary means it is out of the question”, Branca explained.

Tevez commands £230,000 a week at Manchester City, a figure that would have to be matched or improved upon before Inter could even begin to contemplate his £50m transfer fee. Spanish giants, Real Madrid, have also expressed dismay at Tevez's inflexible wage demands. Those following the football betting will wonder if he will manage to get a move without settling for less.

Despite enjoying a lucrative existence in Manchester, Tevez has made no secret of his desire to play football in mainland Europe. The Blues' efforts to keep their star striker at Eastlands have weakened.

since December, when the footballer's initial transfer request was declined. However, City have said that Tevez will leave on the club's terms, or not at all, as the player still has three years left to run on his contract and the football odds suggest he could stay put.

Roberto Mancini, City's manager, has already demonstrated that he will not be bullied by the striker. The Italian has threatened to strip Tevez of his captaincy and 'throw him to the reserves' if he tries to leave Manchester without the club's blessing.

Milan's Marco Branca intimated that clubs who wish to scale back their spending to comply with UEFA's Financial Fair Play rules could forfeit their ability to compete in a “crazy” transfer market, effectively ruling out the purchase of players like Tevez and Fernando Torres. The former Liverpool striker is believed to have been the 'template' for Tevez's monstrous transfer fee, and arguably, the reason why the Argentine may not be going anywhere this summer.

Tevez's continued presence at the City of Manchester Stadium would be a boon to the Blues ahead of their debut Champions League campaign.

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