Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cleveland protest their innocence

Cleveland Browns President Mike Holmgren insists the club did nothing wrong amid accusations that Colt McCoy was not given a standard concussion test after taking a blow to the head during the recent clash with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

McCoy played on after being involved in a helmet-to-facemask hit from Steelers linebacker James Harrison as team doctors and trainers were unaware of the severity of the blow because they were tending to other injured players at the time of the incident.

Harrison was handed a one-game suspension by the NFL while Holmgren says McCoy only showed concussion symptoms after the game. Those following the best American football odds will be wondering what exactly went on.

This week McCoy has complained of headaches and is not expected to play in Sunday's game in Arizona.

Holmgren said: "Our medical staff and our training staff are getting slammed pretty good, along with our head coach. It's unfair.”

Doctors and representatives of the NFL and NFL Players Association visited the Browns earlier in the week, but Holmgren thinks the whole incident has been blown out of proportion, adding: "The medical staff got out to McCoy and he was lucid, he was talking.

"His body language, I guess, didn't look real great. They talked to him and he talked to them. He was not unconscious when they got out there."

McCoy returned to the action after missing two plays and almost four minutes of elapsed time and was on the field for 18 plays after suffering the concussion.
Holmgren does not expect the Browns to be disciplined by the league, although that remains a possibility.

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