Monday, May 28, 2012

MLB: The Hall of Fame dream

One of the ultimate goals for any MLB player - aside from winning the World Series - is to gain entry to the Hall Of Fame and take their place in Cooperstown.

There's a certain prestige that comes along with entering the Hall of Fame, but when you're inducted on the first ballot, it solidifies your status in the league's history even further.

But which of the current players around the leagues have what it takes to make the Hall Of Fame on the first ballot and give their status more cache than ever?

One of the best ever closers in the history of baseball would be our first pick, and we’re sure it’s a view shared by many MLB betting tips.

Baron Davis’ 2012 season was ended by a torn MCL, and although he claims he’ll be back at some point he has enough back class to justify Hall Of Fame entry on the first attempt - a 2.21 career ERA and astonishing 0.70 career postseason ERA will certainly help punch his ticket to Cooperstown as soon as he decides to hang up the bat.

Moving from pitchers to batters, how about the inclusion of Albert Pujols as a potential first-timer in the Hall Of Fame?

Pujols has either won or finished second in the NL MVP voting in seven of the last nine seasons. Even with his recent struggles in LA, his .326 career average with 448 home runs and nearly 1,500 RBI is a testament to his track record for success.

And it's hard to believe that anyone would doubt that he'll return to form eventually.

For our final pick we’ll go with Derek Jeter, who has to have been one of the most consistent players in the game and to this day features prominently in most MLB previews.

He has multiple World Series rings and is among the best shortstops that we have ever seen play the game. And, since 1996, he has only once appeared in less than 148 games in a season (119 games played in 2003).

Playing in that many games in a season would hurt most players’ numbers but that appears not to have happened with Jeter. His .314 career average and 3,147 hits only add to the aura that he brings to the game. He would be a fine first ballot pick.

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