Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chargers look to bolster running options

There’s certainly no hiding the fact that the San Diego Chargers will be using this offseason as a chance to bolster a lacklustre running back division that has been a big part of why the franchise has failed to reach the play-offs since 2009.

The Chargers’ running game has been a clear weak area since Ryan Mathews’ arrival in 2010, something that certainly isn’t down to the 25-year old. Mathews’ tough first season was soon forgotten about after an impressive second year in the big leagues, but injury robbed San Diego of their main offensive runner for much of 2012, and it really showed.

In Mathews’ absence, there was a distinctive lack of running backs stepping up to the plate to replace him, and it has now become the Chargers’ main focus before next season gets underway.

One possible option for San Diego could be Miami Dolphins star Reggie Bush, who could well be set to join the free agency if no new deal can be put together to keep the 27-year old in Florida. Bush has made no secret of his desire to stay in Miami but there has been some real doubts that the Dolphins are going to use their option of resigning the running back, instead using the funds elsewhere.

Bush would be the ideal signing for the Chargers, if it became an option. The speedy, powerful runner would form a formidable looking partnership with Mathews, and one which could very realistically get this San Diego team back challenging for the play-offs.

At the moment, though, the Chargers will have to continue looking at alternative options should Bush remain with the Dolphins, which is still very much a possibility. Anything other than a big name arrival in that area could well result in another tough and disappointing season.

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