Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Could Kolo be our Answer?

Arsenal’s defence was breached for the 28th time in 37 games this season against Blackburn on Saturday, as the Gunners back four was again torn apart from a simple counter attack.

It was another utterly frustrating performance, where the Emirates played host to a siege on the opposition box that we simply could not penetrate. At the other end, all Blackburn needed was one chance and our formless defence certainly helped their cause.

As usual one stinging ball cut the defence open and Blackburn’s Colin Kazin-Richards had so much time and space to tap into an empty net he even tried to miss the chance with a lucky spooned effort.

The holes at the back are a real concern for fans of online football betting; Arsene Wenger must sort out his defensive pairing over next summer. Laurent Koscielny just does not have the single-minded drive and concentration needed for the Premier League while Per Mertesacker switches off at vital moments.

We fans have been calling for an experienced voice at the back, and maybe there is one about to come on the market. For Kolo Toure revealed he will leave Manchester City in the summer, but wants to stay in England.

Now, we all know Kolo is past his best – we could see that during his final season in 2009 – but the defender does have the brain capacity to shore up a defence against lower opposition.

If Wenger continues to select inexperienced youngsters for cup games like these, he must have someone on the park orchestrating the whole thing, providing a bit of structure in a chaos of nervous excitement.

Although Kolo is not the answer to our league problems, Betfair football pundits have suggested that he could do a solid job as an instructor during domestic cup games.

Arsenal have fallen all too often over the years due to lapses in concentration, and, with Kolo on a free transfer, he could be just what Wenger needs to eradicate embarrassing results like Saturday’s.


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