Friday, November 25, 2011

Derek Fisher to Continue Labour Talks

After days of deliberation, Players Association president Derek Fisher has flown to New York to take part in the latest round labour talks as the two parties resume negotiations on Friday, positive news to those who want to Bet on basketball again.
The union have included a number of high profile figures in their team for the latest round of talks and may only add to the league’s claims that the union is a ‘sham’ and is only looking for publicity. Despite these claims, Fisher says the chance of the NBA ending its lockout inspired him to fly to the Big Apple and he is hoping to have a positive influence on the talks.
Following a number of players filing antitrust suits against the league, the two parties are now looking to force through a deal which would see any possible legal action withdrawn and Fisher’s appearance could make a major difference.
The latest round of talks are thought to be the league’s final chance to save the season and they’re looking at this set of negotiations as ‘do or die’ as they look to get fixtures underway around Christmas in a shorted 66 game campaign .
However, the NBA are unlikely to be so welcoming to Fisher and chairman Daniel stern believes its just another move to give the player’ extra leverage in the negotiations.
The new agreement still hinges on a number of key issues with players looking for a 50-50 split while the owners seem unlikely to budge on their 53-47 proposal. The owners also want a hard salary cap to limit players’ additional earnings from appearance fees and other contract terms and if these issued are not resolved this weekend, it could mean we won't be following the NBA online as the whole season is cancelled.

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