Friday, November 25, 2011

Reichert Finds Peace in Work

B.C. Lions coach Bill Reichert says the distraction of his professional commitments ahead of the Grey Cup final have given him some solace following the tragic death of his son.

18-year-old Dylan died in a car crash on November 12th and the veteran coach says his team’s preparations for Sunday’s CFL league final at B.C. Place on Sunday has helped to take his mind off the tragic incident. It will interesting to see how this sensitive matter affects on people Bet on CFL.

However, he admits that, understandably, he is still finding it extremely hard to fully focus on his team’s prospects.

"It's hard,'' Reichelt said Wednesday, his voice a near whisper. “Your thoughts are not here.”

"You have to get your mind off things every once in a while. You are just overwhelmed. You are almost numb. It's good to deflect stuff and get your mind on something else for a little bit.''

"It's good for me to get in here just to get my mind off everything. We have our time and that's how you handle it.''

The Lions opponents on Sunday the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have had to deal with their own tragedy this season after defensive coach Richard Harris suddenly died from a heart attack.

Those looking for the Latest CFL tips may want to note that Winnipeg coach Paul LaPolice says whoever wins on Sunday, this season has shown all involved that there is more to life than and he is hoping the match will be a fitting tribute.

"I think it's pretty poetic that these two teams get to face each other again,'' said Winnipeg coach Paul LaPolice.

"I'm sure the big man is smiling down this morning. He was somebody who touched more lives than just the Winnipeg Blue Bombers because he was so well respected throughout the league. I think it's special these two teams are here.''

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