Tuesday, November 15, 2011

O'Sullivan: I'm an underachiever

Ronnie O'Sullivan has dubbed himself an underachiever for failing to beat the records set by Stephen Hendry.

The former world number one has won 22 ranking events with three world titles among them, but Hendry bagged 32 tournaments and seven world crowns.

"I could have had Hendry's records in site," said O'Sullivan, 35. "But I have had a lot of ups and downs.

"I suppose with the mindset I have had at times, I should be happy with what I've achieved."

O'Sullivan admitted that he had managed a "good haul" but suggested that he should have clocked up more than he has.

He pointed to the fact that he had played in nine Masters finals and should have added at least another couple of titles to the four he managed in that competition. Those looking at the best online snooker betting may agree.

The player also feels that he should have won another two world titles, bringing his tally up to five.

As fans of snooker will know, O'Sullivan has endured something of a turbulent career not least because of his turbulent personal life and battle with depression.

He has often claimed to be bored with the game and threatened to quit on more than one occasion.

However, despite his troubles he remains a popular figure in the world of snooker and although he is no longer at the height of his powers he is still a threat to any player out there.

O'Sullivan will face six-time world champion Steve Davis in the first round of the UK Championship which gets underway in York in January.

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