Wednesday, February 15, 2012

EPL relegation fight the toughest in a long time

The fight for the EPL crown this season looks like it's going to continue to be a complex, unpredictable, and tight affair, but compared to the lower section of the EPL table, the fight for league supremacy is a walk in the park to predict. There are no obvious soccer betting tips.

Indeed, predicting which teams are going to face EPL oblivion come May is turning into something of a nightmare, with Wigan and Blackburn coming back from the dead against all the odds, and teams such as Aston Villa somehow allowing themselves to be sucked into a battle that they never wanted to be a part of.
Despite the fact that there isn't too much difference in terms of quality between the usual suspects for relegation this season, the situation has been complicated by the fact that the promoted teams (with the exception of QPR) have failed to be pulled into the scrap to go straight back down. 

Should the likes of Villa find themselves caught up in the relegation battle, it may well become a battle between some of the league's biggest names to stay in touch with the riches of the EPL and still in possession of players happy to remain with the club.
Possibly the club at most danger in the current scenario is Wigan, who have tried to pay decent wages to their players but have found it almost impossible to compete with the mid-table sides. With a near total lack of home support hindering their chances of ever being regarded as a top club, it seems likely that their EPL relegation would be a permanent one. The race is so tight that live soccer betting is likely to continue right up until the final whistle. With a few months of league action left this year, watch this space!

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