Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is this going to be the Bruins' year again?

This season, the Boston Bruins have certainly not been playing at the sublime level they managed to achieve last year, despite the fact that they are sitting pretty at the top of the North-East division, holding off a recently resurgent Ottawa Senators side in the process, but they are nonetheless proving themselves to be a team not to be messed with on the ice when it comes to the crucial play-off period. During this period it is hard to look past them as one of the better NHL betting tips.
The Bruins may not have made it to the play-offs just yet, but they have plenty on their side to suggest it'll become a reality; the Bruins not only have the experience of winning the tournament last year, but also know that the fans remain faithful in their confidence in the players, even if some sections of the Canadian press have their doubts.

With the regular season now entering its crucial phase, and fans of all the NHL franchises knowing they have at least a small chance of taking in some play-off action, and all the excitement that brings to hockey cities across the nation, there's no doubting the fact that the NHL needs last season's Champions to up their game by proving they can dominate for years, rather than the single season, perhaps in the style of the once majestic and unbeatable Red Wings; formerly one of the better NHL picks.  

However, if Boston upset the odds and crash and burn before they hit the top gear we all know they're capable of hitting, we'll all just be left scratching our heads wondering where, and why, they went so badly wrong this season, and how they'll begin the rebuilding process from there.

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