Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is Abramovic about to learn an important lesson?

Roman Abramovic may be about to learn his biggest life lesson ever.

The Russian multi-billionaire – the man who believed he had it all – is discovering that money can't actually buy you the things that really matter in football.

It can't, for example, buy player loyalty, happiness and a desire to "do it" for the manager...nor can it buy you goals.

Given the "I need it so let's go get it" mindset of Abra, he must have reckoned he was about to be buried under an avalanche of goals having signed Fernando Torres.

And when he installed up the latest Portuguese wonder boy boss Andre Vllas-Boas as boss he would have reckoned that with the millions he had available, everything in the Stamford Bridge Garden was about to bloom.

Instead, after a long season of controversy, wrangles, public player discontent and a goal famine from his £50 million man, he was instead left with a disaster on his hands. Those looking at the Premiership betting will have been wondering what went wrong.

Having decided to sack his Portuguese manager and because no other options were available he turned to near forgotten man Roberto Di Matteo who not only worked a miracle but performed another in the aforementioned Torres.

Thee seriously important thing to remember about this pair is that through all the problems down at the Bridge they had both kept their mouths firmly shut.

Instead of making loud noises to the nearest national newspaper reporter about personal hells and all the rest of it, they chose instead to stand loyally by the man in charge until he was no longer an "issue" and get on with doing things entirely professionally.

It's to be hoped they both get their reward – di Matteo by getting the manager's job permanently and Torres by scoring goals, goals and more goals. They have both been an example of how to behave in times of adversity and those placing a Premier League bet will know they are now gunning for a Champions League spot again.

And in doing so they have shown Abramovich that sometimes you don't have to feel into your pocket to get what you want. It was under your nose all along!

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