Friday, March 30, 2012

Should Man City Have Backed Down On Tevez?

When Patrick Vieira had a little jibe at Manchester United's desperation to bring back Paul Scholes from retirement, Sir Alex Ferguson aptly pointed out that Manchester City had let Carlos Tevez worm his way back into the City set up, after taking a five month holiday and being told he was never to play for the club again. People in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones I think they say!

Vieira's comments weren't too clever, but is Manchester City's decision to being back the Argentinian?

Apparently, Yaya Toure is insisting that Tevez wants to repay Manchester City fans by helping the club lift the title, although Bet Victor suggest his chances are slim.

After apologising for his conduct, Tevez is back in England and made a great return as substitute where he set up the winning goal against Chelsea ten days ago. As is football, a piece of magic on the pitch can wipe the memories of fans and manager's it seems who once hated the player for the way he disrespected the club. It seems that the whole club is willing to let the last 6 months blow over if it means they can win the Premier League title.

It certainly shows that player power is very much on top in the world game, but I'm not sure Manchester City's stance on the whole situation will do their reputation any favours and followers of need to remember this.

Tevez has embarrassed the club who made such a standing in insisting he will never play again to then quietly backtracking to let him back into the frame. Is it worth it for the sake of a Premier League title?

As a neutral I would say no. It is wrong for football to let players treat fans and their clubs in the way they did, but I'm sure fans may have a different take on it. I guess whether it is morally wrong or right what really matters to City fans and players is that they win the title, and if Tevez can help them do that then he should be in the Manchester City team.

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