Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can Torres and Drogba work well together?

Although the Blues will have surely thought this through before they decided to spend £50 million on Fernando Torres, those of us outside of the Chelsea FC set-up are still trying to work out whether or not Torres and Didier Drogba really can play together or whether the Blues have instead bought the Spaniard as a direct replacement for the talented but aging Ivorian.

With the Blues not really being entirely successful so far at accommodating the two together, and with the Chelsea team having had to be entirely reorganised so that it can accommodate Torres, questions surrounding the wisdom of the purchase have of course started to gather momentum. However, with Torres out of form for almost the entire season, it is perhaps unfair to judge him for the poor start he has managed so far at Chelsea and Betfair Football fans should remember this.

Should Torres return to form, then surely the combination of him and Drogba would be more than capable of causing massive problems for defences both in the Premier League and in Europe as they combine with Drogba playing the role of the big man, and Torres playing the role of the man who gets on the end of any knockdowns. The Premier League betting odds suggest they should score plenty of goals next season.

However, should the Blues fail to show that they are indeed capable of incorporating such a hugely gifted individual into their side, then it will not bode well for the future of a club that is desperate not to slip from the top ranks of European football, or for the club's manager Carlo Ancelotti, who is already under increasing amounts of pressure to show that he can be the man who ensures that next season is not as disappointing as this year has been for the Blues.

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