Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hodgson reveals full control at West Brom

West Brom’s sporting director has stressed that head coach of the football club Roy Hodgson will have the final say on any new signings.

Dean Ashworth will be working closely with the former Fulham and Liverpool boss to identify potential targets for the summer.

However, he stresses that it is Hodgson and not him who will have the final say on who will come to the sport side.

Ashworth confirmed: "My job is to line up players, in conjunction with Roy, helping with transfer fees, wages, and maybe doing a bit of groundwork.

"But ultimately there is no point in bringing in a player Roy doesn't like because he won't play.

"Roy has the ultimate say."

For his part, Hodgson admits he will be working closely with Ashworth and knows he has an important role within the club.

Hodgson has also stressed that even though his job title is now ‘head coach’ and not ‘manager’, he has still got the same job he has enjoyed since 1976.

He said: "I'm the man who works with the players every day, works with the team, picks the team and tries to get them playing in a certain way.

"I know West Brom do tend to make a bit of a thing about the word 'coach' instead of 'manager' but it doesn't make any difference to me and the job I'll be doing."

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