Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yzerman gets chance to show Red Wings what he learned in Detroit

With Tampa Bay Lightning enjoying a fantastic season so far, their coach and rookie GM Steve Yzerman is now is going to have to let his head rule his heart as he faces the franchise at which he made his name in the NHL.

Steve Yzerman has admitted that this is the first that he wants the Red Wings to be defeated by another franchise, and he'll know that he will need to utilise all the skills and training that he learned as a grunt coach at Detroit if he is to stand a chance of defeating possibly the greatest franchise in NHL history, and the ice hockey odds suggest he has every chance of doing this.

However, with Yzerman already transforming his previously underperforming side to one that can realistically challenge for a spot in the playoffs this season, the challenge of playing against the Red Wings is just a minor moment in the rebuilding of the Tampa Bay franchise from one that has been seen as a bit of a joke to one that is seen as being a real contender to win the magnificent Stanley Cup.

Having said that, although this may just be a minor game, the reality is that a victory against the Red Wings could be the kind of result that sees the Lightning really start to believe that they are not only a side good enough to win the South East Division, but one also capable of going the whole way and showing that they can compete against the very best from an incredibly strong Western Conference.

Should Yzerman manage to upstage his old side, this may be the start of another special chapter in his already magnificent career.

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