Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Green future still uncertain but looking optimistic

With Boston Celtics fans left shocked not so long ago when news emerged that Jeff Green had been diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm and would need surgery as a matter of priority, a ray of light has been cast over basketball in the city of Boston today with the news that the player has had an operation and all, thankfully, went well. The Celtics coach Doc Rivers released a statement revealing that the thoughts and prayers of the club are with the family and friends of Green, along with the player himself who now faces an uncertain future on the court.

This game matters so much to the millions queuing up at games, tuning on TV or watching NBA online but at times like this, clearly basketball and other sport is placed firmly in perspective - a fact that the Celtics surely realise.

Rivers has been stating that his dream is to see Jeff Green play again, perhaps next season, even if it isn't for Boston, but questions over his future will no doubt come up time and again as the weeks and months pass by this season.

Green won't play again this season as he recovers from surgery, but doctors have told the Celtics there is no reason why he shouldn't make it an ambition to turn out for NBA action during the 2012/2013 season. Fans who love to watch play and bet on basketball will certainly hope so.

The question, therefore, lies over where the player will be should he indeed make this return to the court. If he does return, it'll be as an unrestricted free agent, which means that any team is now able to sign Green, even when he's not fully fit.

The Celtics have been praised for the way in which they've handled the situation and shown their support to Green with a gesture regarding his contract, but that certainly doesn't mean it'll be Boston that becomes the player's home as next season approaches...

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