Monday, January 30, 2012

Urlacher wants to play no matter the cost

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher says he is so desperate to play that he regularly gets pain killing injections before games and admits that he would not tell coaches if he felt he had a concussion, just to stay on the field.

The 33-year-old made the revelations on the ‘Real Sports’ show and freely conceded that he had received regular shots of Toradol, which is an anti-inflammatory which can ease injuries, especially in physical sports such as American Football. Even people looking at the in-running Super Bowl odds will have been shocked by the revelations.

"It's normal," Urlacher told "Real Sports." "You drop your pants, you get the alcohol, they give you a shot, put the Band-Aid on and you go out and play."

The news came as quite a shock to interviewer Andrea Kremer who appeared to know a lot more about the side effects of the drug than the veteran middle linebacker.

Toradol has previously been proven to cause kidney failure and gastrointestinal bleeding.

However, Urlacher seemed quite unconcerned about the possible damage he is doing to his body, admitting he didn’t know that they were the side effects and freely admitted that he didn’t mind them, as long as he could still play.

"First of all, we love football," Urlacher said. "We want to be on the field as much as we can be. If we can be out there, it may be stupid, it may be dumb, call me dumb and stupid then, because I want to be on the football field."

Later in the interview he also said he has faked injury in the past after suffering a concussion to allow him to refocus just so he wasn’t replaced.

"If I have a concussion these days, I'm going to say something happened to my toe or knee just to get my bearings for a few plays," he added. "I'm not going to sit in there and say I got a concussion. [Then] I can't go in there the rest of the game."

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