Tuesday, April 17, 2012

City Find their Form too Late

Although Manchester City have undeniably taken a significant step forward, after the trials and tribulations they endured last season, the fact is that they have allowed a mid-season slump to kill off their chances of picking up the Premier League trophy, in a campaign that should have been dominated by the Sky Blues.

Manchester United, as they always seem to, have pulled through again when it matters most, but City fans will know all too well that this was the year they were up against a bruised and battered Arsenal, an ageing Chelsea, and a rebuilding Manchester United side. 

As such, some fans, especially those who placed a Bet on the Premier League, are now surely going to be questioning whether City can ever win the division.

That said, there is a chance that this year may just provide the incentive for the squad to work together a little more, and bond together slightly better, whilst allowing the less savoury members of the squad to be shipped out, and the money reinvested in bringing in new players.

Alternatively, City could focus on trying to balance the books, as UEFA’s looming fair play rules start to come into force.

If City can take advantage, next year, of a more united squad, then their experiences, this year, will surely culminate in the team becoming a far wiser side, more than capable of winning the Premier League and dealing with the pressures of live football.

Indeed, perhaps next year it will be Sir Alex Ferguson who will start receiving lectures from Roberto Mancini about ‘squeaky bum time’.With this in mind, the revival that City are enjoying after that thrashing of Norwich may have come too late this season, but should fill the squad with confidence for next year.

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