Friday, April 13, 2012

Norwich Will Make It Tough For City!

Manchester City fans might be thinking that they are well and truly back in the title race and that a win against Norwich tomorrow will be a simple formality; although soccer betting tips favourite, the result is nowhere near a formality. But with the way Mancini’s men have been playing away recently and the form and spirit of this current Norwich side City won’t be handed anything on a plate.

Norwich went away to White Hart Lane on Monday and picked up all three points. Week in week out, Paul Lambert has got his team playing full of belief and energy at a pace that makes it difficult for any team to play against them, especially at Carrow Road.

They will get in the faces of the City players and wont give them a second on the ball. And with their Premiership status secured, they have nothing to lose and can give City a real game.

This is where the mentality of the City players is a big concern and the manager for that matter. Mancini set his team up in a must win game at Arsenal last weekend in what looked like a team that were playing out for a draw rather than a win. I can’t remember them having a shot and goal and Arsenal had incredible amounts of possession. That might be Mancini’s fault, or perhaps it is the players fault who simply couldn’t play under the pressure of needing to win.

Either way there needs to be changes in the way they approach this away game tomorrow. City showed that they can go out and play as they put 4 past West Brom in midweek. They just need to take this mentality into an away game. They don’t have anything to lose now so the players can play with freedom and Mancini should set them up as he does in home games. If they do, they have every chance of putting pressure on United until the last game of the season. If not, they might as well kiss their title dream good bye right now!

Those wanting to bet on soccer games need to compensate for Lambert's tactical acumen.

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