Monday, April 30, 2012

Tony Romo?

We put the question mark after his name as we still have exactly that - questions about the Dallas Cowboys signal caller who will be 34 after his contract expires following the 2013 season. All quarterbacks in the NFL fall under plenty of scrutiny but Romo is seemingly in the spotlight more than most, if not the most of all of them.

Most of the time it feels as though he’s getting beaten up by the critics with very few – apart from the Cowboys fans – putting up much in the way of a cogent defence, although if you take a deeper look at his numbers and statistics a rather different story starts to emerge. Romo was and still is a productive passer but the fact remains that if you judge him on playoff wins he has just one to his name and with the core roster around him he really should have done an awful lot better, but he and the team have continually failed when the pressure is on down the stretch of the season.
What makes this season even more important is what do the Cowboys do for the future at quarterback, after an under achieving campaign last season Romo is under pressure to produce a winning season and a deep run in the post season. If he does then a contract extension is likely to be forthcoming but if we see the same old, same old then what then – will it be time to groom a new franchise quarterback?
The question could well be important even in the context of this year’s draft as the talent in that area runs pretty deep this year, we are not expecting Dallas to do anything with their first two picks to address this situation but taking a look in the later rounds is a big possibility.
Parting with Romo may well be painful for some Cowboys fans but we are sure others have thought about it and while it’s unfair to blame Cowboys stumbling efforts on the NFC East solely on his shoulders it may be time for Dallas to start looking at other options very soon.

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