Monday, April 30, 2012

Tebow Mania

After all the furore of TimTebow mania last year and to a certain extent on into this year and the post-season with the Broncos and his subsequent move to the Big Apple to compete with Mark Sanchez for the starting role at the Jets. The NFL now look to have jumped on the bandwagon themselves as they have released their latest offering from the NFL Films entitled the Top 10 Heisman Trophy Winners in the NFL and surprise surprise there is Mr Tebow at #7.
We thought that we could rely on the NFL Films franchise to accurately document the history of football, but it would appear in this case they would rather distort history and go with the today wave of Tebow mania.
The full list is as follows:
1. Barry Sanders
 2. Roger Staubach
 3. O.J. Simpson
 4. Paul Hornung
 5. Charles Woodson
 6. Tony Dorsett
 7. Tim Tebow
 8. Earl Campbell
 9. Marcus Allen
 10. Cam Newton
While we are about it the inclusion of Cam Newton on the list is also a shocker. Both Newton and Tebow have it must be said had an impact on the NFL but Newton has only played one season and Tebow is a quarterback with 14 career starts and a completion rate of 47.3 percent. How does that entitle him to be placed above two Hall of Famers in Marcus Allen and Earl Campbell and that’s’ before you start to look at the people that are left off the list so that the NFL can squeeze in the more marketable and current players like Tebow and Newton.
The Top 10 programmes on TV are usually very entertaining and in most cases enlightening but this one is bordering on laughable if you want to include players like Tebow and Newton above players who had very successful NFL careers like Tim Brown and Eddie George.
Lists such as these will always create debate but the decision to include Tebow at #7 is a very hard one for anyone to defend.

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